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You were created to do exploits rather than to be exploited No one is born successful but everyone is born with potential to be successful


Welcome to my website

Mr. Francis Agbo is an anointed teacher, leader, author and pastor. His God given mission in life is to teach the ways of God that Gods people might be transformed, healed and experience the wonders of God. Currently he serves as assistant pastor at the International Praise Church, Abuja in Nigeria...

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The Hard Work of Waiting

featured Article

W e live in a world that demands quick fixes, quick results, quick solutions and indeed quick everything. Even in our...

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Reach for the Sky and Touch the stars

featured Article

Like most people I used to believe the very common yet very false saying that all fingers are not equal. The world of ordinary people I found myself led...

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Lifes Most Fundamental Question

featured Article

What do you want to become? Who do you want to be? What do you want to achieve in life? These or the like are key and fundamental questions in life that...

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